Properties between┬áFlorence and Lucca: (links┬á­čöŚ)


North of Pescia (Wikipedia link ­čöŚ) run two mountain valleys: this area is called La Svizzera Pesciatina, where the holiday home Villa Daniela is located.

Dense and coniferous forests, hills and mountains, narrow lanes and isolated villages.


The characteristic castle villages, the Castella, all originated around the year 1000, surrounded by a ring wall and stand on the top of a strategically important hill. Pietrabuona is the starting point, followed by Medicina, Fibbialla, Aramos, Sorana and Castelvecchio with its St.

 Thomas consecrated Romanesque parish church. After Stiappa follows Pontito, the northernmost castle village, terraced, with steep staircases and concentric streets. In Vellano, the main town of Svizzera Pesciatina, one can for the last time enjoy a sweeping view of the landscape.

The town of Pescia stands at the end of a valley, as a link between hills and plains.
The community activities are: flower growing (cloves) and papermaking. Pescia is famous all over the world for its flower-making and flower-selling (it is called "the flower-city"), the city has particularly good relations with Belgium. Paper making is very old, but many paper mills still produce quality paper today and sell it throughout Italy. In the Pietrabuona is the museum of the paper.